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The Spring Garden Children’s Center was the initiative of Reverend Robert Williamson of the First Presbyterian Church of Easton. Dr. Williamson wanted to provide a weekday nursery school to mind and nurture the city’s children to enable them to become good neighbors within the church’s community. Thus after many days of planning, the school was born in September 1955. The center has grown much over the past 50 years and with its dedicated staff and teachers, the growth potential is unlimited!!! Spring Garden’s Mission is to become the daycare of excellence in the Easton Area with sufficient funding to support programs, families and staff in a fiscally responsible manner. At Spring Garden, we strive to provide a warm, loving environment for all children to grow and learn. We are proud of our children and our school and with your continued dedication and generosity, we plan for greater and more exciting opportunities to come. With your commitment, we will be in a strong position for sustained success!!! 

Please visit the Friends of SGCC page as we at the center pay tribute to those people, Happy New Year 2016


The Spring Garden Children’s Center is a Non Profit institution. We serve the community by offering affordable child care and educational services to the residents of Easton, PA and the surrounding area. Our operating funding comes from several sources including grants, fundraising and tuition. As we all know these recessionary times have been plagued with various funding cutbacks, especially in education and childcare. That is why we ask you to help us continue our mission to provide children and families with affordable care, education and support services that strengthens and improves their quality of life. Please take the time and click on the donation button below to assist us in continuing our mission and you will feel confident your contribution will help the Easton community to stay strong through education. We sincerely thank your for your monetary generosity.

Current Events

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Patricia Hunter and Senator Lisa Boscola

May 12, 2015 Early Childhood Action Day in Harrisburg, PA

Support Pre-K for PA Ready to Succeed

For more information Go To www.prekforpa.org

On April 21, 2015, Spring Garden Children’s Center was honored to be one of the recipients  of Easton’s Longevity Award.  The reception was held at the prestigious Sigal Museum in Easton.

Presented by Mayor Sal Panto, Easton business owners received a certificate that acknowledged their neighborhood business as a vital service to Easton residents for over 20 years.

This year is our Birthday!!!!

Spring garden has been serving families in Easton Area for 60 years.

The Boys & Girls Club of Easton opened its doors to bring two of the club's community partners together: Northampton Community College and Spring Garden Children's Center of Easton. The BGCE served as central point for a day of service for college volunteers and many happy pre-K children.


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